• The Name

Jugarea (pronounced /hoo-gar-e-uh/) comes from the Spanish words “Jugar” (to play) and “tarea” (work).

• Mission Statement

Jugarea’s goal is to bring communities closer together through the completion of "missions" within the community while having fun.

• Story

Jugarea is in its early stages, and already includes several missions. We are currently locally active in the Birmingham, Bloomfield, and Franklin community and as our membership grows we expect to organically grow to regional, state, national and global exposure.

We challenge our members to serve their communities by documenting their efforts (recycling, fundraising, etc.) with pictures, short videos or stories.

We also collaborate with clubs and businesses to create sponsored missions, where a business or club can create their own mission and have Jugarea members complete it for fun or to earn a prize.



Ian Herdegen: Founder

Codifi: Development


Sponsor a Jugarea Mission!

Local businesses, organizations, and clubs, we ask for your support in building up Jugarea's base by sponsoring a Jugarea mission. Through your sponsorship, Jugarea can continue to grow by demonstrating that Jugarea missions benefit the sponsor (through exposure), the user, and the Jugarea platform.

Why sponsor a mission?

• Exposure for your brand in an innovative way.
• You will be able to make your own mission that Jugarea users can complete.
• Prizes may be offered by the sponsor to the user with the best submission.

Do you own a small business?
Have users visit your business and document their visit and complete a mission to earn Jugarea points or a prize.

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